However the size of your project, Optimeg Services Limited is able to bring them to live and introduce the spark you deserve when it comes to your power solutions; whether it is for residential or industrial purposes. As part of our commitment to serving you better, we occasionally go the extra mile to invite our individual and institutional partners , who are among some of the best  in the industry to help on multifaceted projects. However Optimeg also ensures that all resources working on our projects adhere to our three yard sticks - 100% customer satisfaction, safety always  and exceptional professionalism.



Optimeg Services Limited offers one of the most comprehensive installation services. From the survey to equipment selection and integration, our expertise ensure you are shielded from all the headaches while you enjoy an exceptional service delivery like no other.Speak to us NOW, we are ready and willing to help at any level of the entire process.



Electrical Installation & Critical Power Solutions


We at Optimeg Services Limited strongly believe in the rich culture of pro-active  maintenance . This is a believe we do not only share with our clients, but also assist them to develop in order to benefit fully in a long term from the world class power solutions and equipment we deliver and introduce to them.